This is a curvaceous bowl form created from salvaged Australian Red Cedar by Bob Gilmour. The form exhibits a flowing wave shape and makes use of striking robust grain structure in the cedar.

Completed: March 2016

Availability / Cost: Sold - AUD $950

Dimensions: 56 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm

Materials: Wood - Australian Red Cedar (Toona ciliata)

Finish: Rag Burnished Drying Oil

A few years ago a colleague offered me some "roundback" pieces of Australian Red Cedar. They were quite varying shapes and mostly ran in wedge sort of forms ... where one end tapered to almost nothing running up to some amount of thickness at the other end.

As with most larger wood acquisitions, I generally don't have any immediate plan to do anything with the material and so they usually go into one of my storage (shipping) containers ... for ... as long as they do.

The stock for this finished piece was one of the smaller wedge-shaped blocks. I liberated it from the container and put a shape to it about a year ago. Since then, the work-in-progress has been drying and undergoing several interim refinements.

Australian Red Cedar is prized for its wonderful grain structure and this piece of wood exhibited plenty of potential to work with. Shaping from the inside, the eventual form would follow a butterfly pattern and I was able to make use of the wedge shape by giving the piece exaggerated elevation at one end.